WELCOME TO Mimea Bora Integrated Learning Centre

Mimea Bora Intergrated Learning Centre is situated in the beautiful surroundings away from the city centre in Kinoo area on Wamakima road, approximately 300 Meters off the main Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. It is 300 Meters from P.C.E.A Mama Ngina Primary School. It can also be accessed through Muhuri Road. We offer Both day and boarding facilities with flexible boarding arrangements.

Mimea Bora provides individualized learning that gives students with learning disabilities a chance to learn at their own pace and capabilities. Learning Disabilities is a term used to describe an assorted group of disorders that impact on listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, arithmetic and social skills.

In Mimea Bora we recognize the need for early intervention through well targeted screening and assessments to understand the individual needs of students and help them to succeed in school, work place and in life. Struggling learners are given a chance to learn using multisensory teaching and learning methods.

The institution regularly assesses the students in speech pathology, audiology and other therapeutic assessments to establish the learning gaps and intervening challenges.

Mimea Bora Integrated Learning Centre will help unravel the myths surrounding your child's performance whilst ensuring that self esteem and confidentiality of the child and parent lost confidence of the individual to realize that "they can" will be enhanced through tailor made programmes that are individually based.

Our Vision

A centre for learning and training par excellence in the area of Special Needs Education in Africa.

Our Mission

To provide a curriculum that is academic,functional and vocational that prepares the students to lead a useful and happy, independent productive lives within the societies in which they live.

Contact Information
Physical LocationKinoo, Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, Next to Mana Ngina Primary
AddressP.O Box 3477 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Administrator Tel0720178589

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